Each night in Polk County, more than 400 adults and children in families are homeless; half are children. The impact of losing a home is traumatic, especially for children. The resulting instability creates insecurity, worry, low self-esteem, and difficulty focusing in school and studying.

At the Des Moines Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (DMIHN) we strive to create a safe, stable and nurturing environment for the children as well as to support the efforts of their parents in securing employment and housing.


Serve on DMIHN Committee

Nominating Committee:

·        Assesses board membership needs

·        Cultivates, interviews, and recommends candidates to the board at annual

election and through the year to fill vacancies.

·        Recommends slate of officers for annual election.

·        Plans and conducts orientation for new board members.

·        Assesses needs for board training and seeks opportunities for continued

                  board development.


Business Operations & Finance:

·        Develops, regularly reviews, and recommends personnel, finance and investment, and other operational policies.

·        Works with Director to draft annual budget; submits budget recommendations

 to board.

·        Recommends salary ranges, salary adjustment rates, and benefits for all staff positions.

·        Recommends new staff positions.

·        Ensures that bookkeeping and banking responsibilities are competently handled.

·        Provides regular financial reports to the board.

·        Recommends and works with accounting firm to perform annual audit.


Fundraising/Development Committee:

·        Plans, supports, monitors, and evaluates DMIHN fundraising program and ensures that fundraising goals are met.

·        Develops annual and long-term goals.

·        Enlists the support of all board members in three key activities:

                        1. Participating in the annual board member appeal.

                        2. Reaching potential donors through business, personal contacts.

                        3. Participating in fundraising events.


Public Relations and Marketing Committee:

·        Develops and implements a public relations plan to enhance the image and visibility of DMIHN in the community.

·        Keeps updated lists of personnel in all appropriate media, including print (newspapers, magazines), radio, and television.

·        Submits press releases and other information to press on regular basis.

·        Oversees the development of and reviews DMIHN’s brochure, annual report, webpage and other community relations pieces to ensure up-to-date, well-presented information.


Congregation Relations Committee:

·        Develop a prospect list, focusing on maintaining 15 congregations.

·        Work with public relations committee and staff to develop/update recruitment materials, including brochure.

·        Monitor and build on relationships with existing IHN host and support congregations.



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Become a Host or Support Congregation

Host congregations provide homeless families a clean, safe overnight shelter and nutritious meals for one week every three months.

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Mission Satement 

To mobilize our community to help homeless families achieve stable housing and income through compassionate care, hospitality and professional support.