Each night in Polk County, more than 400 adults and children in families are homeless; half are children. The impact of losing a home is traumatic, especially for children. The resulting instability creates insecurity, worry, low self-esteem, and difficulty focusing in school and studying.

At the Des Moines Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (DMIHN) we strive to create a safe, stable and nurturing environment for the children as well as to support the efforts of their parents in securing employment and housing.


Accessing DMIHN Services

Accessing Shelter 

If your family is in need of shelter, please contact our Day Center at 515.277.7051.  You will be asked a few basic questions to determine your family’s eligibility for our program.  If eligible, your family will be asked to set up a shelter interview to complete an application for shelter and case management services.

Our Day Center is open Sunday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

Who We Shelter

We provide shelter to families with children.  Families may be two parents, single female head of household or single male head of household. 

For the safety of our guests and volunteers, a family will not be accepted if one or more of the family members have

  • ONGOING or UNTREATED chemical dependency issues
  • UNTREATED mental illness
  • Criminal record of violence, drugs or theft. (Note: A family will not be denied shelter solely on the grounds of conviction of a criminal offense.  The date of the offense, the nature of the offense, and the relevance of the offense to the safety of guests and volunteers will be considered)
  • Recent domestic abuse history

A criminal background check is completed as part of the application process.

Other Family Shelters and Services

Family Violence Center - 515.243.6147
Offers safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and
their children.

New Directions Shelter - 515.243.7456
Provides shelter, food and services for women with

St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter - 515.282.1235
Provides emergency shelter, meals to homeless families with minor children.
Includes two parent, single female and single male headed families.

For additional services, please consult the Shelter & Services Brochurewhich is a guide to services for persons experiencing homelessness in the Des Moines area.



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Become a Host or Support Congregation

Host congregations provide homeless families a clean, safe overnight shelter and nutritious meals for one week every three months.

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Accessing DMIHN Services

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Mission Satement 

To mobilize our community to help homeless families achieve stable housing and income through compassionate care, hospitality and professional support.